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Dilapidation Survey


A dilapidation report, also known as a dilap report or existing condition survey, is an independent visual inspection of surfaces and structures adjacent to a proposed development. It is undertaken pre- and/or post-construction, capturing high-resolution photographic imagery or video capture of existing conditions and highlighting any notable damages or defects. The media and findings are digitally reported for all stakeholders to assess prior to work commencing.

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A dilapidation survey protects both the adjacent owner and the asset owner’s interests by providing an agreed record of condition at a point in time. A dilapidation survey can be considered an essential investment to give landowners peace of mind and avoid unnecessary construction costs on their property. If damage is noted after construction commences, a dilapidation report provides supporting evidence of existing conditions to also prevent costly litigation due to unsubstantiated claims. These reports are commonly used by Contractors, Developers, Local Government Authorities, Road and Rail Operators, Asset Owners, Architects and Engineers.

We conduct dilapidation reports Australia wide, with offices in major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. To find out how we can assist you with conducting a dilapidation report, contact us today.

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