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Property Condition Report

Property Survey

A property condition report or building condition assessment report are an integral aspect of the building process. These assessments evaluate the existing state of a building and subsequently record any defects on your project. This process is done by a property condition surveyor gathering photos and written collateral. The final report has any deficiencies observed that is advised to the owner, developer or stakeholder.

The report aims to protect all parties should any damage occur during construction or record any property deterioration pre and post construction. Dilapidation Report partners with engineering companies to provide structural engineering reports that present commentary on the structural integrity of the building and guidance on repair costs short term to long term and any maintenance to conform to industry standards. With seven offices across Australia, we offer our property inspection report services nationwide, with our head office based in Perth, WA.

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Record your asset

Evaluate the existing state of your asset and record any defects, pre and post construction.

A commercial dilapidation report focuses on existing defects such as cracking, separation, water ingress, subsidence and general deterioration to assets such as walls, ceilings, floor coverings, fixtures, stairwells and any other significant structures.

The intention of the commercial property survey is to document existing conditions and defects and provide a visual reference in the event a building experiences any adverse effects from adjacent construction works.

An industrial dilapidation report focuses on assets such as floor slabs, soffits, walls and cladding. In addition, high resolution imagery is captured of any structures that may be susceptible to movement or vibration caused by adjacent construction works.

A residential dilapidation survey involves capturing high resolution imagery of the general condition of the home, highlighting any notable defects such as cracking, separation or water ingress. Any cracks and/or defects are documented and can be reassessed periodically (if necessary) to detect any further movement or change in conditions.

The benefits of a homeowner obtaining a property survey and building condition report is to protect their assets, with the report aimed to protect the stakeholder should any damage occur during the period of the adjacent construction works.

A common property inspection report captures defects such as cracking, separation, water ingress and general condition within the common areas of a residential or commercial complex. The survey focuses on common driveways, carparks, refuse areas, hallways, foyers and lobbies. It aims to provide a visual property report of defects and condition to the owner’s corporation to protect their interests should any damage occur during adjacent construction works.

A dilapidation survey of heritage buildings involves documenting, in detail, the existing cracking delamination, deterioration and general condition of the building and facade prior to adjacent construction. Heritage buildings can be intricate and ornate and due to their age, can contain many existing defects. It is critical that the façade and building conditions are inspected and documented in great detail prior to adjacent construction, to enable detection of change or identification of new damage due to the adjacent construction activities.

It is recommended that a property condition report is compiled prior to the commencement of any new lease agreement. When completing a report, our highly trained property surveyors capture the exact condition of the property before the tenants move in.

The report consists of a photographic record of the existing condition of the property. We add further value to our service by providing a high definition 3D Reality Capture walkthrough that you have access to via our one-page web design. This service allows you to access, share and review your property condition report by the cloud from any device and any location.

When the lease agreement has ended, the condition of the property is compared to this report. We also supply high definition 3D Reality Capture of the post tenancy condition. If any new damages are noted as a result of their tenancy, the tenant may be legally obliged to repair them.

This report can be generally categorised as providing insurance for both parties.

Our reports consist of;

  • Detailed reports, having photographic and written descriptions.
  • High Definition 3D Reality Capture of the tenancy.
  • Cloud-based access to the Reality Capture data to share and review.

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