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360° Virtual Tour

About Virtual Inspections

Dilapidation Report’s latest 360° virtual tour and data capture system is the ideal solution for creating photo realistic 3D walk throughs of buildings, structures and plants to detail the “as is” condition of assets.

Utilising the latest in immersive image processing techniques and cloud data management systems, Dilapidation Report can quickly and efficiently provide 3D walk through models. The 360° virtual tours can be accessed any time via a web-based portal, ensuring that the data is available to those who need it without the need to download the data or use specialised viewing software.

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Cutting-Edge Digital Experiences

360° data capture is an engaging and immersive way to experience the real world through a virtual inspection.

We only need to capture once to be able to generate multiple deliverables. Once processed, the deliverables include:

  • Individual 360° ‘bubble view’ and walk throughs
  • Virtual reality tours
  • Still images
  • 3D mesh generation
  • Point cloud
  • Detailed 2D floor and ceiling plans (exportable as DXF / DWG)
  • Pins within the 3D model identifying points of interest with attached information

Data Integration – additional data can be integrated with the final model including:

  • Detailed dilapidation reports captured by traditional means
  • Laser scans of outdoor areas to provide a fully integrated immersive experience

Data Accessibility – all data is hosted in the cloud via secure data management system providing easy access via intuitive interface, allowing collaboration between teams with a single point of truth.

For your next dilapidation or condition assessment survey requirements, call Dilapidation Report on 1300 639 839 and lets us show you how to get more information that is easier to use, visualise and manage.

Using a 360° capture system provides the ability to combine all the imagery into a single 3D model that allows to the user to navigate around a building, plant or property to provide overall perspective. The data capture system acquires 360° imagery at 4K resolution at each capture location and creates a virtual inspection of the building or property.

Overlaid within the model, pins or tags identifying areas of concern provide a visual reference within the location of points of interest within the model.  Additional data can be assigned to the pin providing greater detail of the condition of the issue.

The key output from the Matterport field capture process is the creation of a 3D mesh with photorealistic texture via an industry standard OBJ file that can be imported into any CAD software.

Dilapidation Report provides an end-to-end immersive media system, providing online viewers with captivating visuals that provide an in-depth 360° view, that will impress the seller during a listing presentation.

Utilising the latest in image processing techniques and cloud data management systems, Dilapidation Report can quickly and efficiently provide a 3D walkthrough model, that can be accessed from any location, via our web-based portal using a web browser interface that supports multiple devices.

The features of this innovative technology offer a variety of different perspectives, the Dollhouse View enables viewers to observe the entire property all at once, along with interactive features and a virtual walkthrough experience, creating a sense of connection with the property before physically seeing it.

Through the 3D Reality Capture feature floorplans can also be seen from different views, either from a birds-eye perspective of the property, or a highly accurate floorplan can be generated and supplied as a standalone option. All images are 4K HDR, ready for both print and digital, allowing Dilapidation Report to provide your property listing with the latest Estate marketing and 3D visualisation for your next listing.

Point cloud data sets can also be generated from the 3D mesh which can be imported into 3D modelling packages such as Recap and Revit for detailed 3D modelling and analysis.

Detailed floor plans containing measurements and features are generated and supplied. In addition, reflective ceiling plans can also be provided.

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At Dilapidation Report we conduct comprehensive 360° virtual tours and inspections of your property across Perth and Australia to showcase the condition of your asset. Fill out the contact form below to get in touch or give us a call today on 1300 639 839.